Cobb Students Participate In Cobb Youth Leadership Program

Since 1989, Cobb Youth Leadership has provided students a unique opportunity to learn about their community as well as meet and interact with students from other high schools.  Students attending public or private high schools or home-school students in Cobb County must complete and submit applications for CYL in the spring of their sophomore year.

Applications are reviewed by the CYL Steering Committee and approximately 45 students are chosen from the class.  Students participate in the program during their junior year of high school.  Through approximately five evening programs during the course of the school year participants in the CYL program are introduced to local, state and national leaders.  They also receive information on the
responsibility, ethics and tools for effective leadership. The monthly programs run from October through February. Students also participate in two retreats where they focus on team building, personality inventories and additional leadership topics such as cultural diversity and community service.   CYL is governed by a steering committee comprised of Leadership Cobb Alumni and high school seniors as recent graduates of CYL.

Below are the students selected for the CYL Class of 2009:

Justin Jackson, Campbell High School
John Keathley, Campbell High School
Ben Tillman, Campbell High School
Leigh Carter Harrison, High School
Geoff Hill ,Harrison High School
Rebekah Cooper, Hillgrove High School
Kim McMillan, Hillgrove High School
David Alvarez, Kell High School
Adam Thomas Kell High School
Pauline Cornelius, Kennesaw Mountain High School
Michelle Johnson, Kennesaw Mountain High School
Brittany Olszeski, Kennesaw Mountain High School
Lauren Worley, Kennesaw Mountain High School
Will Fortanbary, Lassiter High School
Morgan Hutson Lassiter High School
Libby Horton North Cobb High School
Crystal Gonzalez, Osborne High School
Bre Phillips, Osborne High School
Jasmine Ellis, Pebblebrook High School
Lauren Dennis, Pope High School
Zach Tupper, Pope High School
Kelsey Pan Xie, Pope High School
Lauren Bales, South Cobb High School
Josh Daniel, South Cobb High School
Jaleel Jackson, South Cobb High School
Chris Donaldson, Walton High School
Preston Ehlers, Walton High School
Katie Winokur, Walton High School
Kriss Bernhard, Wheeler High School
Ahona Chatterjee, Wheeler High School
Daniel Denning, Wheeler High School
Yomi Famuyiwa, Wheeler High School