Kell High School Student Group Promotes, Practices Student Leadership

Kell High Students Serving Ice Cream at Nicholson Elementary

Kell High Students Serving Ice Cream at Nicholson Elementary

Students at Kell High School are entering their second year as part of a servant leadership program volunteering at Nicholson Elementary School’s Curriculum Night.

The students in the group help set up, serve food and facilitate Nicholson’s event, allowing parents to enjoy an evening at the school learning about and participating with their children in math and science activities. These students take on the tasks that would normally fall to parent volunteers on such occasions.

“The Kell student volunteers are amazing,” Nicholson teacher Shearon Birdsong said.  “They are such high caliber young people, patient and engaging with our students and respectful and helpful to our parents and staff.  They are an incredible asset to our community, our country and ultimately our world.”

The group was organized by Kell’s Career Tech Department Head David Penny and Assistant Principal Susan Stoddard.

“What a wonderful program Kell has developed to inspire servant leaders; students whose character and conduct are exemplary and who are also willing to selflessly give of themselves to benefit their community,” Birdsong said.  “This program contributes greatly to the development of young people willing to serve.”