CNN Student News Producer Visits Floyd Middle School


L-R: Mr. Micah Stokes, Mrs. Kim Gray, Rahel Kefetew, Mr. Jeremy Dunn, Derek Fuller, and Gerald Gray.

Former Floyd Middle School student and current producer of the CNN Student News Program, Mr. Jeremy Dunn, visited several Floyd classes to watch them use the current events program in action Dec. 5.  After the short news segment, teachers engaged students in discussion of the reported events with relevance to the curriculum standards.   Students and teachers were excited to hear that Floyd Middle School was named in the nationwide Roll Call.  Check out a clip and congratulate students in the following classes who gave excellent feedback to the producer for development of future segments.

Dr. Harrison, 8th Grade Social Studies

Mr. Brown, 7th Grade Social Studies

Mr. Lacy & Ms. McMath, 7th Grade Social Studies

Mr. Peeler & Mr. Mitchell, 7th Grade Social Studies

Mr. Beckler, 7th Grade Language Arts

Ms. Mann, 8th Grade Language Arts

Ms. L. Baker, 8th Grade Social Studies