Walton High Student Designs App, Wins $20K Scholarship

Walton High School Junior Aditya Suri earned a $20,000 scholarship from Samsung by developing a mobile app for Android mobile phone users. Suri got the idea for the app after attending Samsung’s Mobile App Academy this summer.

The app, which Suri has dubbed “Mobi Sense,” is designed to assist those with hearing and vision disabilities with day-to-day communication. Pictures and video from the user’s phone can be translated into text or audio, depending on the user’s needs. The app could also translate sign language into text using the camera and video capabilities of a smartphone. Suri planned and designed the app in a two-week period.

Suri’s experience with app design began two years ago at Walton High, when he and a group of students began working on a smartphone app for the school’s robotics team.