Pitner Elementary Students Explore New HOTSpot Lab


Students are deep into learning at Pitner Elementary’s HOTSpot Strategy Lab.  HOTSpot stands for Higher Order Thinking Skills.  Kindergarten through fifth grade students visit the HOTSpot on a regular basis to play critical thinking games, solve puzzles, explore learning apps on tablets and work in cooperative groups on the ActivTable.  HOTSpot is a cool place to give your brain a workout, and by using higher order thinking skills, students are encouraged to play with a purpose.

The HOTSpot Strategy Lab is decorated with bean bags, cool lamps, colorful rugs, and hands-on learning resources that students use to deepen their understanding. To reinforce the problem-solving theme of the surroundings, students are currently completing puzzles that are being framed to add to the décor.  Students love to chill and learn in the HOTSpot!