Kennesaw ES Student Named Distinguished Elementary Gifted Student of the Year

Amelia McCarthyamelia3

Amelia McCarthy was chosen as the Distinguished Elementary Gifted Student of the Year by the Georgia Association of Gifted Children. Amelia is a second grader at Kennesaw Elementary and was nominated by her teacher, Valerie King.

“Amelia is one of the most empathetic kids I’ve ever known,” King said. “She truly understands the human spirit and is always looking at the world to determine how she can help others.”

King said Amelia’s proactive, caring nature is also a big part of how she learns. Recently, Amelia sent King a message about a project that she felt compelled to start. Amelia has launched a company called, “Stick Up.” In simple terms, Amelia takes pretzel sticks and coats them in various chocolates and a variety of nonpareils to suit the season or the holiday. Specifically, Amelia sells these creations and all of the money collected goes to charity organizations of her choosing. They encompass the March of Dimes and certain animal organizations, for she is passionate about both humans and animals.

Amelia received her award at the GAGC Awards (pictured above).

King says philanthropy is, no doubt, in Amelia’s future.

“Amelia believes in sticking up for those people and animals that need support and does so through her word and her work,” King said. “She truly is ‘one in Amelian.'”