Acworth Intermediate Students Address City Council

Fifth graders from Acworth Intermediate in Mrs. Jenna Hanfland, Mrs. Stacy Melton, and Ms. Shanna Jones’ classes were thrilled when they received a personal invitation from Mayor Tommy Allegood to speak at a city council meeting. Mayor Allegood was very impressed with questions the students had asked him during the question/answer segment of a presentation he had given Acworth’s fifth graders on the topic of government. Parents and students as well as their teachers were invited to the city council meeting Thursday, December 4th to share the questions they had asked. Students who attended were Kianna Franks, Jacob Felton, Peter Diaz, Danielle DeVane, Jon Jones, Kyle Brady, Emma Warren, and Kaitlyn Fudge. After a brief explanation of the purpose of the Mayor’s previous presentation, the students individually reviewed their question before a standing room only audience. Mayor Allegood closed by saying how proud he was of the students as well as what he has seen from Acworth Intermediate.