Put some GREEN in your 2015!

Juice Bar Sope Creek

Sope Creek student preparing fruit and vegetables for the juice bar.

The “green” is from the vegetable garden that the students of Sope Creek cultivate routinely, containing healthy fruits and vegetables.  Healthy juice is made daily by the students in their juice bar. The students take part in sorting and counting out fruits, vegetables and materials, and pouring and delivering the juice to those who have pre-ordered it throughout the school. They make the juice in their Industrial juicer that was generously donated for the project.  Friday, March 27th the Juice Bar will be open for business beginning at 5:00 PM for the Foundation’s Family Fun night. There is also a Fine Arts Show from 6:00 – 8:00 PM.

This project has given the Orthopedically Impaired (OI) students a different avenue to learning across the curriculum and has helped the Sope Creek community start the day on a healthy note.

Sope Creek Elementary’s Juice Bar is a new program that promotes lessons across the curriculum. It was created and designed by Jennifer Garrett, OI teacher.  Every week, her class focuses part of their instruction around the juicing activities, from reading, writing, researching to math, science, and health, all of which adhere to the new Federal guidelines on food distribution in schools.  The Juice Bar will be featured in an upcoming Cobb edTV story.