Varner Elementary Students Support Troops Serving in Iraq

During the holidays, Varner Elementary collected money and care package items from students and staff members to send to the military members of our Varner families serving our country far from home. The students and staff sent four overstuffed cartons to four soldiers that included cards, pictures and letters from Varner students.

One solider wrote back to Varner, thanking the school for remembering them during the holidays.

Lt. Col. William J. Sprayberry, USAFR, wrote:

I was totally surprised when my guys made a mail run and came back with a large box for me. We were overwhelmed with the box of food, hygiene items, and cards and letters. Many of these items cannot be obtained over here. My Counterintelligence unit is not very large, so I shared our bounty with our Iraqi Arabic linguists and the soldiers in our sister unit in Camp Habbaniyah on the Euphrates River. All were very grateful for the items the Varner students sent us. Please convey our sincere appreciation to the students that wrote to us and let me know which class they are in.

William J. Sprayberry, Lt Col USAFR (ret)
Camp Al Taqaddum, Iraq