Soldier Thanks Son’s Schoolmates at Powder Springs Elementary With Flag Presentation

Jasaes Hardaway was a student in Shannon Young and Carol Burrow’s kindergarten class at Powder Springs Elementary School during the 2007 – 2008 school year.  He was a quiet boy, but he became particularly withdrawn around the holidays.  When asked what was wrong, he said that his father was in the Army and would be deployed to Iraq soon for a very long time.  The students in Ms. Young and Mrs. Burrow’s class sent Jasaes’ father going away cards.  Sergeant 1st Class Hardaway was very moved by the students’ well-wishes. On Friday, January 9, 2009, Sergeant 1st Class Timothy Hardaway of the 10th Mount Division presented Powder Springs Elementary School with an American flag that was flown over the Headquarters of the Multi-National Corps in Baghdad, Iraq on October 20, 2008.What started as a small gesture to help one student has resulted in a huge honor for an entire school community.

Mrs. Darlene H. Mitchell, principal of Powder Springs Elementary school introduced Sergeant 1st Class Timothy Hardaway to the student body and staff of the school.  She stated that Sergeant Hardaway would like to make a special presentation to our school. Although Sergeant Hardaway was being deployed to Baghdad on the same day, he still took time out of his schedule to present the flag to Powder Springs Elementary School.

Sergeant Hardaway told of how he put the cards on his wall in Iraq and would read them everyday.  The cards helped him to make it through all the tough times in Iraq.  He presented the flag and certificate to the school.  He ended by expressing his appreciation of the small gesture and thanked all the students.

Jasaes took the stage and thanked his fellow classmates for thinking of his dad and making the cards for him last year.  He told the crowd that his dad was leaving for Iraq today and presented his dad with cards from his current 1st grade class.  Sergeant Hardaway will add these to his wall of cards.

Mrs. Darlene H. Mitchell ended the ceremony by thanking Sergeant Hardaway for his service and dedication to our country and reminded us all that the little things in life we do can make a huge impact on others.