Campbell High School PTSA Awarded Parent Involvement Schools of Excellence Certification

The Campbell High School PTSA has been awarded the Parent Involvement Schools of Excellence Certification.  Campbell High School Principal Kehl Arnson, PTSA President Diane Harris, and Parent Involvement Committee Chair Laura Buege will be recognized at the Cobb County Board of Education Board meeting on Thursday, Feb. 26.

According to the PTSA, this award is “the gold standard for parent involvement practices.”  The National Standards for Parent/Family Involvement involve development of strong partnerships between home and school supporting student success. The certification process evaluates parental involvement strengths and accomplishments while considering additional areas for improvement.

Schools are recognized for
• Reaching out and including more parents and families
• Improving school support from families and communities
• Meeting new state standards where applicable
• Recognizing best practices and excellence in parent involvement programs.”

Campbell’s certification is good for three years and will last until December 31, 2011.