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Committed to Serving Each and Every Child

The Cobb County School District is among the most diverse; racially, ethnically, linguistically, religiously, and socio-economically. Our district also manages a high transiency rate of more than 20%.

What’s in a Name?

With plans underway for a new Middle School in Smyrna, the time has come for our community to decide what the school’s name will be.

The Safest Way to Get Your Kids to School

Quick Question: What is the safest way to transport your children to and from school each day? If you answered “driving them there myself,” you’d be wrong. Long-term, national studies have shown that the absolute…

This is The Cobb County School District

The Cobb County School District is excited for 2018-2019. Our teachers and kids are ready for the new school year, and 2018-2019 promises to be our best year yet. One Team. One Goal. Student Success….