Shallowford Falls Elementary Principals Camp Out at School  

Teachers and principals arrive well before students and do not leave for the day until long after the school bell rings. However, the principals at Shallowford Falls Elementary School took that dedication to a whole new level. They extended their hours overnight. 

Brumby Elementary Makes Students Strong4Life 

What if kids cheered about eating their vegetables? What if kids celebrated at the suggestion of tossing their sugary drinks in favor of water? What if kids squealed with excitement about trying new foods? 

What is Student Success?

While we may not know precisely what “success” will look like for each person, we do know the best way to prepare each and every one of our students to be ready when their opportunity for success presents itself. Not only do we know how to prepare our students, but we are also committed to preparing them and this is what makes the Cobb County School District the best place to lead, teach, and learn.

South Cobb High School and the HBCU Experience

Hurley encouraged all South Cobb parents to take advantage of the HBCU educational event. She credited the event with helping her son understand that college is attainable for everyone who has the dedication and drive to pursue a higher education.